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Sam Zigrossi

Sam Zigrossi has been a Performance Specialist/Consultant, consulting with various types of organizations both small and large, including hospitals, telecommunications consulting company, high technology groups, large energy company, universities, state agencies and chambers of commerce. His accomplishments include: facilitating organization performance assessments, assisted in the development of performance evaluation and salary systems, conducted staffing seminars, facilitated a customer relations process, conducted an energy management assessment process, conducted quality training, conducted leadership training, and conducted a 2-day strategic planning workshop. Sam has been an Adjunct Professor with the Texas State University School of Business, and the Program Director of The University of Texas Charles A. Dana Center. In that capacity he has taught Introduction to Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior and Development, Leadership, and Quality Leadership. He also prepared and developed courses including Instructional Leadership Institute, Preparing for STAAR, and Systemic Intervention Protocol (SIP). Sam’s creative accomplishments include writing a book (The Personnel Advisor: A Handbook for Small/Medium Businesses), publishing scholarly Monographs, and writing various articles. He has presented several Papers at Professional Meetings and is a popular speaker for talks, lectures, and presentations. Tools he developed throughout his career include: Organization Tetrahedron Performance Model that helps assess Organization performance; Performance Assessment Template to assist in assess performance weaknesses and associated potential areas to review for improvement; Discipline of Market Leaders handbook to assess organization strategy; Quality Rubrics for organizations to assess the quality of their processes; Human Resources Assessment Guides to assess the legal and basic HR infrastructure of an organization; Leadership of Change Matrix that assists in evaluation and keeping track of a managed change process; and Systems Model for Improving Student Achievement based on latest research. Education: MBA in Management from Golden State University; MEd in Educational Administration and Educational Psychology from the University of Utah; and BA in Mathematics Education from the University of Utah.