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Sue Bunton

Sue Bunton is a human performance specialist with a track record for achieving organizational excellence and the development of peak performance models for organizations. She is a Certified Harless Peak Performance System Analyst and Trainer and is certified in Behavioral Interviewing. As a Human Resources Manager for a high-tech multi-national corporation she has experience integrating processes, systems and technology to support human performance. Performance Analysis and Improvement Microsoft – Managed or was an analysis team member for projects in five separate divisions:- Competitive analysis (Linux threat), product evangelism, service excellence initiative, enterprise solution sales, human performance focused job descriptions and hiring guides, original equipment manufacturers re-organization Caterpillar – Apprentice program design and training systems integration Exemplary Performance LLC and Saba, Inc. – Trainer for Harless Peak Performance Systems ZiaTech – Human performance systems and acquisition readiness  Human Resources Management  Training and Development  Program Initiatives focused on quality improvement, effective selling, customer service, and remote personnel management  Project Management – new information technology systems  Compensation – field sales  Professional Development Programs for Human Resources Manager Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations  Due Diligence – Human Resources  Change Management  Integrations Strategies  Performance Support Sue has been the President of S.T.E.P Performance since 1997. S.T.E.P. looks at systems, technology, environment and people to help organizations optimize organizational effectiveness. The key is to identify and replicate exemplary accomplishments (outputs of value that contribute to organizational goals), the criteria that define the value, the behaviors that produce the accomplishments. S.T.E.P. is a member of an established network of certified organizational analysts using the award-winning ABCD System. S.T.E.P employs an integrated, holistic model that provides a framework for understanding and enabling exemplary performance in any organization. Sue has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Tech University.