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Larry Williams

Larry D. Williams is Williams Community Solutions’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is also the HUB Community Liaison for the Travis County Purchasing Office. Larry graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Mass Communications and Media Studies with a minor in Public Policy and Public Service. Larry has twelve years of experience working in county government and ten years with nonprofits. Larry has completed presentations and consultancy for non-profits and governmental agencies all over Texas. Larry prides himself in bringing resources, opportunities, and innovative ideas to the forefront of every organization he has been involved in. He has also found creative ways to reciprocate those resources, opportunities, and ideas from community stakeholders to his constituents. Larry has focused his entire career on expanding nonprofits’ and governmental agencies’ community-level work to enhance their effectiveness with their most important stakeholders. It is his passion for seeing professionals and organizations break through their boundaries and expand their effectiveness in their given communities. Larry is the father of three teens and a member of a loving extended family. He takes being a community leader seriously and makes valuable friends wherever he goes.

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